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Hey welcome to Big4WallStreet!

My goal is to make a contribution to people like you who have a passion for finance and are willing to learn the ropes in financial / business modeling, data analysis, planning / budgeting, forecasting in order to break into a finance role whether it is in investment banking firms, Big 4 corporate finance teams, or as financial analysts in various sectors.

The models might as well be used by companies that would like to upgrade their existing corporate models. My 12-year experience in the finance industry has revealed me that most corporations lack a decent model to perform either a proper valuation or analyze operational scenarios.

Furthermore these models can be tailor made upon your request in order to meet any special requirements for your projects should you not find something that suits you.

Most importantly, these models have been designed for the busy professional / student / aspiring financial analyst to fit smoothly into his schedule and to be as time efficient as possible.

You might have encountered online courses which do provide you with an insane amount of videos / models / PowerPoint.  The thing is that do you even have the time to go into that level of detail in order for you to be able to ace an interview or apply it to your daily work?

Of course you don’t. In most instances whether you are a student or a seasoned professional your time will be limited due to work related matters, family, kids, friends, exams, job hunting etc.

To tell you the truth, these courses are very useful as reference materials and you might need them for some technical issue, however once you purchase them the odds are that:

  • You will be watching 4-5 videos (45 min each) and then you will quit altogether because you don't have the luxury to spend 1h30 per day and not learn something you could incorporate in your daily work and knowledge.

  • In most cases these models are overly complex and poorly built in order for the average student / professional to be able to use them directly. (I will explain this concept in the next paragraphs).

  • You are going to be lost in this analysis paralysis chaos of educational materials provided.

What we offer is the most time efficient way for you to learn financial modeling and acquire the skills you would need to enter the finance industry.

In all the models you will receive, we conform to the following principles, and we would advise you to do the same:

  • Structure your models, take a paper and draw a logical flow for your model. This might be cumbersome in the beginning but it will prove useful for you and others when your models reach insane complexity!!!

  • Separate inputs from outputs, you won't be able to easily track your inputs if model them in a random way. Especially when it's 2 am and you have to deliver by 6 am.

  • Color coding to distinguish between historical data, inputs, call ups and calculations. You don’t want to search your 3000 lines model for inputs, when your manager asks you for a weird scenario analysis.

  • Be consistent with formats, fonts, timeline etc. This will save you considerable time when performing repetitive work and will also be more presentable to your clients.

  • Model as simply as possible. Small formulas, small errors, better tractability and audit. If you want to do something complex break it down to more steps.

  • No data links. Avoid any links to other models. Try to have everything you need in the same workbook.

  • Perform checks. 90% of the models used in the industry do not have logical checks in place.

  • During the buildup of the model take notes in order to be able to come up with a mini model manual.

  • After finishing your model, before handing it always stress test the inputs in order to see any irregularities in the outputs.

  • Always assign a responsible that will be in charge of the model use / updates. The more people on the model, the more the issues that arise.

Happy Modeling!

Hotel Financial Excel Model and Valuation Template

Hotel financial Excel model which generates the 3 financial statements as well as a valuation (incl. sensitivity analysis). The model structure is as follows:Timing: main conventions used in the model + 5 scenarios that can be used in order to evaluate the business plan and valuation.Inputs (in yellow whatever can...

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