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We help small and midsize businesses' leaders with their strategic problems by creating or improving financial models, implementing tools to drive efficiency, performance, and better decision making. (check our models in various industries here

With over 15 years of experience in Financial & Business Modeling / Planning, Performance & Analysis (Ernst & Young, Toyota, Viohalco and Upstream), we have developed strong business understanding across diverse industries (Energy, Shipping, Manufacturing, Retail, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Food & Beverages, Agriculture, Healthcare, Telecoms, Real Estate, Construction & Hospitality), as well as strong capabilities across a range of financial modeling solutions. We are one of the few financial modelers to be certified from both the Corporate Finance Institute (Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst), and the Financial Modeling Institute (Advanced Financial Modeler, Certified Financial Modeler).

We build integrity and trust by providing high-quality tailor-made solutions to our clients. Based on our extensive experience in tailor made financial models (over 150 tailor made models) we can meet any special requirements for your projects should you not find something that suits you in the available templates. (check our services for our rates here).

Most importantly, these models have been designed to fit smoothly into your schedule and to be as time efficient as possible.

In all the models you will receive, we conform to the following principles, and we would advise you to do the same when modeling:

  • Structure your models, take a paper and draw a logical flow for your model. This might be cumbersome in the beginning but it will prove useful for you and others when your models reach insane complexity!!!

  • Separate inputs from outputs, you won't be able to easily track your inputs if model them in a random way. Especially when it's 2 am and you have to deliver by 6 am.

  • Color coding to distinguish between historical data, inputs, call ups and calculations. You don’t want to search your 3000 lines model for inputs, when your manager asks you for a weird scenario analysis.

  • Be consistent with formats, fonts, timeline etc. This will save you considerable time when performing repetitive work and will also be more presentable to your clients.

  • Model as simply as possible. Small formulas, small errors, better tractability and audit. If you want to do something complex break it down to more steps.

  • No data links. Avoid any links to other models. Try to have everything you need in the same workbook.

  • Perform checks. 90% of the models used in the industry do not have logical checks in place.

  • After finishing your model, before handing it always stress test the inputs in order to see any irregularities in the outputs.

  • Always assign a responsible that will be in charge of the model use / updates. The more people on the model, the more the issues that arise.

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That's it ! Thank you for your time!

Happy Modeling!

Financial Modeling Services (per Hour)

In case you need help reviewing or fine-tuning a financial model as well as in cases where you need a completely new model built from scratch by experienced financial modeling experts. We also provide tailor - made business plans for start-ups and SMEs. Our skills combine advisory, consulting and business planning experience. The...

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