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Professional Financial Modeling Services

 You can find below our fee schedule for the provision of financial modeling services:
Fee Schedule for tailor made financial modeling services:
  • $350 per day (assumes 8 hours of work)
  • $670 for 2 days work (assumes 16 hours of work)
  • $1000 for short projects (price is for 40 hrs)
  • $2100 for longer projects (price is for 100 hrs)
  • $2800 for complex projects / issues (price is for 100 hrs)
Contact us at: Strategy@big4wallstreet.com
A link will be sent to you in case we schedule a meeting.
Important Clarifications:
  1. You will need to upload the excel files (if any) as well as a word document and provide your instructions and your contact details for the scope of the project.
  2. Before starting the project we will share with you the estimated price based on your instructions above.
  3. A down payment of 40% is expected before starting the project and the remaining 60% on delivery of the project.
  4. Skype calls (or other platforms) are not included in chargeable hours.
  5. A full day means a total of 8 hours of work (sometimes due to limited time in can span over 2 days, i.e. 4 hours on Monday and 4 hours on Tuesday).
  6. We normally bill work in increments of 8 hours at a time, but this can vary based on the project.