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Age of Coronavirus

The worldwide impact of COVID-19 leaves no one untouched. It has spread across continents, countries, industries, businesses and individuals. It doesn't care about wealth, education, race or religion.

Troubled times tend to bring out both the good and the bad in humanity. However let's focus on acts of kindness that surround us in these difficult times.

This crisis allows us to talk to each other more often (even if remotely), to slow down and focus on things that matter, to staying at home with our families & spending time together.

Despite our physical isolation to protect our health & safety and that of others, technology allows us to be more interconnected than ever before.

As an increasing number of countries are taking preventive measures to control the spread of the virus and limit the number of people infected, many businesses face increasing challenges.

Although we don’t know exactly when this uncertain period will end, businesses need to adapt to this new situation to the best of their capabilities for the foreseeable future.

The contents of this presentation are as follows:
- Workplace
- Sales
- Expenses
- Capital Expenditures
- Financing
- Operations
- Times ahead

Let's hope that this challenge will lead us to reconsider things and allow us to learn and adapt going forward.

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